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13 reviews
4.2 Price
4.3 Reliability
4.4 Maintenance
4.5 Operation
4.3 Convenience
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Tracked excavator Caterpillar 349D
2013 Year
4 Dec 2019
5.0 Price
4.0 Reliability
5.0 Maintenance
5.0 Operation
5.0 Convenience
The excavator is worth its money. It has everything for full-scale work. In principle, all Cat equipment is top-notch. We have 4 excavators from this company, although they are of different years of production. We hardly had to repair them.
Tracked excavator Caterpillar 336 DLN
2010 Year
29 Nov 2019
4.0 Price
4.0 Reliability
4.0 Maintenance
4.0 Operation
4.0 Convenience
The head gasket was recently replaced because a couple of cracks appeared and it started to leak oil. The repair was not cheap, but considering the heavy usage of the machine, there were no other serious issues. I think this was due to the negligence of the previous owners, but buying a used machine here is never without risks.
Tracked excavator Caterpillar 324D
2006 Year
22 Nov 2019
3.0 Price
3.0 Reliability
3.0 Maintenance
4.0 Operation
3.0 Convenience
An ordinary ex, I didn't notice anything special about it, it performs the job just like machines from other brands. I have enough work experience and can compare it with our equipment, the only difference being the abundance of electronics and various gadgets in the Cat, but I'm uncertain about their necessity.
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