New TyreON TWA tire balancer

new TyreON TWA tire balancer
new TyreON TWA tire balancer
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new TyreON TWA tire balancer image 3
new TyreON TWA tire balancer image 4
new TyreON TWA tire balancer image 5
new TyreON TWA tire balancer image 6
new TyreON TWA tire balancer image 7
new TyreON TWA tire balancer image 8
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Brand:  TyreON
Model:  TWA
Type:  tire balancer
Location:  Netherlands Akersloot
Placed on:  more than 1 month
Machineryline ID:  QY36108
Overall dimensions:  width - 9.44 ft
Condition:  new

More details — New TyreON TWA tire balancer

TyreON TWA 3D PLUS 3D Wheel alignment machine
► With more than 60.000 vehicle data
► HD 6 million pixel automatically moving cameras
► Storage system on both sides for the targets
► Camera support for vehicle entry
► 10” tot 26” self-centring clamps
► Aluminium rims clamped damage-free without extras
► Lightweight, shockproof targets with very high resolution
► Also functional under sunlight - UV-permeable targets
► Light filter with sensor - adjusts to workshop lighting
Columns height 2.918 mm
Total width 2.878 mm
Camera height 50 - 2.560 mm
Software platform Windows
Colour monitor 1 x 32 Inch - LCD
Placement Floor fixed or mobile with optional mobile kit
Manual Available in 5 languages English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
Italian software Available in 34 languages
Database vehicle data Supplied on CD-ROM - no subscription required
Voltage / power 230V (500 Watt)
The car wheel alignment machine for everyone. TyreON 4 wheel alignment machines, simplicity combined with top performance.

The camera bar automatically moves along when the car lift goes up or down.
Clear user interface with target/actual value comparison (red-green display)
With a span of 288 cm and camera movements from 50 to 256 cm height suitable for all wheel alignment scissor lifts and 4-post car wheel alignment lifts with at least 190 cm between the posts

TyreON 3D Wheel Alignment Machines
The TyreON TWA 3D PLUS 4 wheel alignment machine with a 2-camera readout system is fast, accurate and reliable.
The software is intuitive and user-friendly, for fast and accurate car wheel alignment.
Two steel spindles at the back of the column convert the rotary movement of an electric motor into a very precise vertical lifting and lowering movement of the camera beam. 
Features four wheel alignment machine 3D
Alignment data for more than 60,000 vehicle models, same database as Corghi and Mondolfo Ferro brands
New database update available every 2 years - no subscription required
User-friendly Italian software in 34 languages with easy-to-understand instructions
Easy access to all settings
Wheel aligner with display of values down to 0.01°
Camera assistance system for precise approach with front wheels on turn plates 
Suitable for wheels with 10" to 26" rims
Factory calibrated, no annual calibration required
Stable Windows 10 PC system, mouse, printer, keyboard and 32" high resolution colour LCD screen
HD cameras with 6 million pixels
Variable camera angles, adjustable via keyboard
The cameras find the targets themselves, detect them and move with them when the vehicle lift moves up or down
The camera bar also moves when you press the Page Up or Page Down key on the keyboard
Camera movements from 50 cm to 256 cm height
Control of automatic measurements directly from the targets
Database for chassis measurement data
User database, entry or modification of vehicle data
Customer database, specific activities, retrieve and store customer data
Light filter - the light sensor can be adjusted to the lighting conditions in the workshop to ensure accurate measurements
Clear installation and operating instructions, available in Dutch, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
For scissor wheel alignment lifts and 4-post vehicle wheel alignment lifts
Clamps and Reflection Targets - 3D wheel alignment machine
Self-centring H-style clamps, easy clamping without removing hub caps
Aluminium rims are clamped without damage without additional tools
Two targets with a resolution of 80 x 80 and two targets with a resolution of 80 x 90
The shockproof reflection targets are UV-permeable and therefore work even in direct sunlight
The targets can be folded and easily removed from the clamps
You can position the clamps first and then click the targets onto the clamps 
With target storage system on both sides of the 4 wheel aligner
Available with optional wheel kit - level and stable
The TyreON WK 3D mobile kit is available from stock
Equipped with castors
Thanks to the solid mobile kit, the four wheel aligner is easily movable
Sophisticated system for levelling and securing the position
The generous dimensions of the wheel set guarantee stability and precise operation of the wheel aligner
Wheel alignment machine with standard accessories
Features 3D wheel alignment machine - 4 wheel alignment equipment - car alignment machine
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