New TyreON CTB125 tire balancer

new TyreON CTB125 tire balancer
new TyreON CTB125 tire balancer
new TyreON CTB125 tire balancer image 2
new TyreON CTB125 tire balancer image 3
new TyreON CTB125 tire balancer image 4
new TyreON CTB125 tire balancer image 5
new TyreON CTB125 tire balancer image 6
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Brand:  TyreON
Model:  CTB125
Type:  tire balancer
Location:  Netherlands Akersloot
Placed on:  yesterday
Machineryline ID:  GG35496
Condition:  new

More details — New TyreON CTB125 tire balancer

Rim diameter 10 - 26 Inch+ LED lighting
Wheels 75 Kg - Ø 100 cm
Balancing modes Static and dynamic
Programs - 7 Alu 1-2-3-4 Alu*-1 Steel 1-2
Auto input Distance + Diameter
► Large dual LED display
► Automatic measuring cycle, then brakes itself
► Shaft length 320 mm / Ø 40 mm
► Motorcycle balancing mode
► Simple operation, easy self-calibration and self-diagnosis
► Trouble-shooter with error codes
► 12 spacious top storage compartments
Packed in crate L100 x W75 x H125 cm - 160 kg
Voltage 230V
Delivery includes Clamping cones 44 - 132 mm - Quick release wing nut - Calibration weight and more
Automatic balancing machine for steel and aluminium rims and wheels up to 75 kg of passenger cars, vans, SUVs, small trucks and motorcycles.
With 2D arm for measurement and automatic input of distance and diameter.
The main axle protrudes 32 cm, which makes it easier to place (wide) wheels.
Simple operation, large double LED display and separate control panel with Start / Stop function.
Other features
Fast microprocessor
Fast and very accurate wheel balancing
Balancing with clip-on and/or adhesive balancing weights
Solid 157 kg construction
The inside of the wheel is illuminated with LED
Brake pedal to fix axle during wheel placement
Floor anchoring not necessary (possible)
Balancing is only possible with the hood down
Housing with hooks - cones and rim gauge withi easy reach
Optional adapters
Universal, French rims, commercial vehicles, motorcycles
TyreON CTB125 - wheel balancing machine - automatic - for passenger cars, vans, SUVs, small trucks and motorcycles
Professional automatic wheel balancere, with microprocessor
Protective hood against flying dirt or very small stones
Easy to install and to operate - with cord and plug
Hosing with main switch
CE approved - warranty on all parts
Rims with axle holes from Ø 40 - 132 mm
Massive 40mm shaft for precise balancing
To be able to mount adapters, a part of the Ø 40 mm shaft can be dismantled
Standard equipped with the extra practical applications
Rapid static optimization (OPT) - (Optimal position - tyre on the rim)
1 x ALU* - Stick the weight precisely inside the rim with the 2D auxiliary arm (Pinpoint)
Split program for partial weights, also behind spokes
Program for motorbike wheels (optional: adapter for motorbikes)
Double LED display (Inch - mm / gram - ounces)
Automatic wheel balancing machine 
2D arm for auto-input of distance and diameter
2D measurement with optical and acoustic signal for confirmation
Automatic imbalance determination in one measuring cycle and brakes itself at the end
Automatic minimization of the imbalance
Fine button to view imbalance in steps
Brakes automatically when the protective hood is raised
TyreON CTB125 wheel balancing machine
Technical details wheel balancer        
Rim diameter 10 - 26 Inch   (255 - 660 mm)    
Maximum wheel - width 1.5 - 20 Inch   (39 - 510 mm)    
Maximum wheel - diameter 100 cm   (39 Inch)      
Measurement time 4 - 7  sec      
Balance precision 1 (+/-)   gram      
Rotation speed 150   rpm      
Maximum wheel - weight 75   kg      
Balancing shaft - diameter / length Ø 40 mm / 320 mm      
Automatic input with 2D arm Distance + Diameter      
Static and dynamic balancing ✓      
5 programs for aluminium rims and 2 for steel rims ✓      
Split program (partial weights behind spokes) ✓      
Rapid static optimization (OPT) ✓      
Self-diagnosis and self-calibration with microprocessor ✓       
Control panel with Start / Stop function ✓       
Voltage 230 Volt - 1Ph      
Motor power (Fusing) 180 Watt (10A)      
Wheel balancing machine - Delivery
The wheelbalancer has been tested for all functions and is packed with
Quick release wing nut and rubber pressure drum
Wheel width calliper - wheel weight pliers
Removable shaft + Allen key
Calibration weight (100g)
Operating manual for wheel balancer
4 x clamping cone, clamping range of 44 up to 132 mm
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