STROJTEP mini-brewery

STROJTEP mini-brewery
STROJTEP mini-brewery
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Type:  mini-brewery
Location:  Germany Pullach
Placed on:  more than 1 month
Machineryline ID:  TA40025
Condition:  used

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Minibrewery beer brewing technology 20hl
Minibrewery technology
Boiler - three-pot stainless steel surface
high gloss
all in stainless steel ASI 304
Volume 20 hl. steam heating
Crossing tub - stainless steel
the entire vessel
including the draining bottom
is made of stainless steel
day filling
bottom permeability 20% New welded sieve
equipped with a kneading mechanism
in the lower part of the container there is an opening for digging out the threshing floor
powerful stainless steel pump
rinsing nozzles and washing heads
Equipment: sight glass
motor 0.75 kW
50/60 hz
washing head
The wort pan - stainless steel
the container is made of stainless steel
steam heating 200 kg/hour
0.4 MPa
day filling
powerful stainless steel pump
mixing the contents in the entire space of the container
Whirpool - whirlpool tub
All containers are insulated
Platform for operating the boiler
stainless steel platform
access stairs
stainless steel half grates
Pumps 2 pcs Hilge
Pumps 2.5 kW
Aeration plug DN 25
Stainless steel candle for aerating the wort when pouring into the vats
Complete distribution of the cooking set in stainless steel
Semi-automatic design
Equipped switchboard
Control system including software and recipe program
The switchboard is equipped with a PLC system
including a program that allows controlling fermentation processes in tanks and CIP
The wort cooler
heat source
and cold source are not included
The cooking set is dismantled
ready for transport
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