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new TyreON TL40EC 2 post car lift
new TyreON TL40EC 2 post car lift
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Brand:  TyreON
Model:  TL40EC
Type:  2 post car lift
Load capacity:  8818 lb
Location:  Netherlands Akersloot
Placed on:  more than 1 month
Machineryline ID:  PM37296
Voltage:  400
Condition:  new

More details — New TyreON TL40EC 2 post car lift

Capacity 4000 kg - No threshold
Lifting height 11 - 197,5 cm
Vehicle length Short to Multiple extended
Short arms 3-part : 57 - 112 cm
Long arms 2-part : 92 - 151,5 cm
Application Heavy duty commercial
Between / height columns 256 / 390,6 cm
Construction 766 kg
► 3,0 kW Electric hydraulic
► All-in-one 24V control unit
► Parking (lock) position every 7 cm
C/w 2-stage lifting pads
4 x adapters 7 cm
Voltage 400V

The clear floor 2-post lift comes with 3-part short and 2-part long arms and many safety options.
Due short and long arms the load distribution and accessibility of the car and the front doors is better.
An asymmetrical lift offers real space between the posts while the external dimensions are small.The arms are mountes at an angle of 45 °, which creates even more space around the car and one can always get in and out through the front door.
For short and long passenger cars, multiple extended buses and company cars.
The TyreON TL40EC EXPERT passed 115% dynamic and 150% static safety load tests.
Heavy duty 2 post asymmetric lift 
With the heavy 766 kg construction, the 1,6 cm base and extensive accessories, this 2 post asymmetric lift is suitable for safe heavy duty commercial use.
CE certified - EN1493:2010
Mechanically locked 
Automatic electrical release
All-in-one 24V control panel with main switch
Suitable for cars with low ground clearance
Aluminum engine of industrial quality with cooling fins and fan
The diameter of lifting cylinders piston rods is 4.5 cm
Support yokes with 1.6 cm thick sheet steel
Power unit with steel oil tank at the top of the post
1 year warranty on all parts of the asymmetrical car lift
Safety locking at every 7 cm
Protective rubbers also on the 4 support arms
Heavy duty blade chains (also applied on forklifts)
Asymmetrical car lift
 space-saving design
Can be placed in a narrow space, the outside dimensions are relatively small.
The nose of the car protudes less far, the garage needs less depth
You drive the car to the right position between the posts and you can always get in and out through the front door (manual rolling of the car is no longer necessary)
Vehicle length - Overview of all models 2 post garage lifts
Standard options and safety - TL40EC EXPERT - 2 post asymmetric lift
Equipped with extra options
Parking function (2nd car underneath)
Support yokes with door protection rubbers
6.5 cm adjustable plug-in lifting pads
3-part short and 2-part long lifting arms
Engine stops engine when lift reaches highest point due height switch
Asymmetrical suspension of the arms at an angle of 45 °
Protective rubbers on all 4 lifting arms
The power of the lift cylinders is transmitted by chains of industrial quality with extra blades
With a end-stop switch at 3.90 m height 
Standard options - 
asymmetrical car lift
4 support arms that automatically lock and unlock
Foot protection on all 4 support arms
Each post with own lifting cylinder
Overload protection (pressure relief valve)
Steel synchronization cables - the 4 arms always move up and down unevenly
A bracket ensures the position of the chain on the running wheel
Selflubricating - grease nipples easily accessible
Powder coated
Reverse pulling cylinders
Automatic mechanical locking with 2 heavy hooks on every 7 cm
Automatic unlocking and lowering with one button
The 2 hooks are retracted electromagnetically, after which the fall is started
With the lock button the bridge drops on the two heavy locking hooks and then rests mechanically
This 2 post asymmetric lift is also used to park a vehicle at height for a longer period of time
The TyreON TL40EC EXPERT 2 post asymmetric lift - asymmetrical car lift
TL40EC EXPERT Clear floor 2 post asymmetric lift - Delivered with
Floor bolts
4 x lifting pads (adjustable)   
4 x plug-in adapters - 7 cm
Cables and other installation materials
Manual for operation, installation and maintenance
Hydraulic oil is not included - 15 Liter HV-ISO-32 is optional
Packaging L294 x W73 x H55 cm - 816
NOTE: We recommend having the TyreON TL40EC EXPERT asymmetrical car lift clear floor installed by a recognized company.
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